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Zap away wrinkles and feel a decade younger with our skin rejuvenation clinic in Maple!

Zap away wrinkles and feel a decade younger with our skin rejuvenation clinic in Maple!

Mirror mirror on the wall, I don’t want wrinkles – who should I call? LuxBright Medica! As we get older, fine lines and wrinkles are bound to show – it’s a natural (and beautiful) part of aging! Still, if you think wrinkles are getting in the way of feeling yourself at your best, our team can help.

At our skin rejuvenation clinic in Maple, we specialize in anti-aging facials to brighten up duller skin and help leave you with a more youthful look in no time. We want to give you the most relaxing anti-aging facial spa experience, so let’s prepare a quick overview of what you can expect from one to get you all excited!

“LuxBright Medica is a medical aesthetic spa, located in the heart of Vaughan. Through waxing, botox, foot care, naturopathy, massage, and a host of professional Medical Aesthetic services, we work every day to inspire hope, build health, and celebrate life and beauty. We’re a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to helping people of all ages and stages achieve longevity and resiliency so they can live their best lives.”

How does an anti-aging facial work?

There are various anti-aging facials, some including Energy Vitale, Oliga-Vital, or Dio, all strong alternatives when wanting to rejuvenate skin. Each of these treatments contains multiple active elements that:

  • Bring back skin elasticity
  • Enhance moisture
  • Acts as exfoliator 
  • Keeps skin smooth

Additionally, different types of facials like exfoliating, collagen, or hydrating specific treatments provide other benefits – it all depends on what you feel your skin needs!

At Luxbright, you can be assured that our team will provide the utmost service to give you the results you want to look your best. From the start of your session, when we incorporate face steams to the end massage, you will undoubtedly feel refreshed, healed, and revitalized.

What are the long-term benefits of getting anti-aging facials?

So, how long after doing facials will I start to notice long-term benefits? What are the long-term benefits? The first few facial treatments are known to refresh your skin, and it does just that to further hydrate, firm, restore, and soothe your face in the short run. 

In regularly getting facials, you will notice a more even skin tone, as it slowly removes hyperpigmentation and other sorts of blemishes within the first outer layer of your skin. Long-term facials will also lead to less noticeable wrinkles and enhanced effectiveness of your existing skin-care products, as the ingredients are able to penetrate the skin with a more effortless ability to access the inner layers of your skin.

How often should I be getting an anti-aging facial?

Well, how often are “regular” facials? Based on an individual’s normal skin cell growth cycle, it is generally recommended that a facial once a month or every 3 to 4 weeks is ideal for maintaining the longevity of your skin’s health. 

That said, because everyone’s skin and routine varies, the general recommendation of having an anti-aging facial every 4 to 6 weeks may not be suited for everyone. The most effective way is to consult a professional esthetician, who can devise a unique plan for you to get a facial, ensuring that you do not overdo any facial treatments, as that can irritate you while your skin cells are still growing. 

Ready to feel and look a decade younger? Have any questions? Reach out to us today!

Anti-aging facials can help enhance the rejuvenation of your skin, not to mention it can also be an incredibly soothing and much-needed stress release experience. If you are looking to immerse yourself in the facial world but aren’t quite sure which type of anti-aging facial would be best for you, you’re in the right place. At Luxbright Medica, our team of licensed professionals is eager to help you in any way we can. As always, your satisfaction is our top priority, so if you have any questions or comments, we would love to know! It’s time to look in that mirror on that wall and say goodbye to wrinkles 🙂

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