Your Summer Checklist: Waxing, PRP Facelift, and Foot Care | PRP Facelift Clinic, Vaughan - Aesthetics, Waxing, Physio, RMT Medical Spa Maple | 905-832-7999

Your Summer Checklist: Waxing, PRP Facelift, and Foot Care | PRP Facelift Clinic, Vaughan

Your Summer Checklist: Waxing, PRP Facelift, and Foot Care | PRP Facelift Clinic, Vaughan

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Want to feel better and boost your confidence with some personal maintenance and a bit of a spa day? This checklist of just 3 treatments will have you not only feeling better and leave your skin smooth, your face wrinkle and dark undereye circle free, and your feet in the best condition they have been in for a while. Get beach-ready with Lux Bright Medica a specialized PRP facelift clinic in Vaughan that provides you with quality treatments to boost your lifestyle like chiropody foot care treatment in Vaughan.


Get Silky-Smooth Skin With Waxing 

As opposed to other hair removal options like shaving or creams; waxing reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs, gives you thinner hair regrowth, and helps to remove any dry and dead skin cells! With hair removal creams and shaving, you’ll find yourself having to redo the treatment potentially once every week depending on your hair growth as your hair grows back in quickly. Waxing gets hairs at the root, stopping your hair from growing back fast and giving you more smooth hair-free days in the sun!

Waxing has many benefits including:

  • Removes dead and dry skin cells
  • Helping you have the smoothest and most radiant skin
  • No risk of razor cuts
  • Gets hair at the root for stubble-free skin no matter your hair type
  • Hypoallergenic products avoid any skin irritation
  • Slows down hair regrowth significantly

LuxBright Medica uses industry-leading products to give you the best experience and the smoothest wax you have ever had! Waxing is an option no matter where you want hair removed on your body, providing hairless smooth skin on underarms, upper and lower lips, upper and lower backs, full arms and legs, and even buttocks and the bikini area.


PRP Therapy for Hair Loss and Facelifts

PRP, or Platelet-rich plasma, uses injections of a concentration of your own platelets which are used to boost natural healing and stimulation within your skin helping to improve skin texture and vitality working to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. PRP helps to tighten your skin, letting you expect a  more youthful look with wrinkles and under-eye circles taken care of for you.

Because PRP uses your own blood and cells naturally made for healing this treatment is wholly safe and natural. If you have specific health conditions or issues you won’t have to worry about the treatment being rejected by your body or any allergic reactions or infections at all because it is straight from your body!

PRP therapy can be repeated about every 1-2 months or so, with 3 seasons being sufficient enough to see significant progress. Depending on the person though, some may require maintenance therapy once a year depending upon the condition of their skin and the care taken for it. You can start seeing the improvement pretty fast as compared to other treatments, letting you see improvement in texture and complexion of your skin after approximately 3 weeks; wrinkles start to disappear, scars and pores begin to tighten and dark under-eye circles disappear.


Chiropody Foot Care Treatments

Fet can experience various conditions from calluses, corns, fungal infections, diabetic foot, ingrown nails, and more. Chiropodists will take the time to properly diagnose and understand your situation to give you the best fit treatment for your situation. Creating custom orthotics, custom fit orthopedic shoes, fully tailoring them uniquely to your foot and condition.

Chiropody refers to the study and treatment of feet, sometimes known as podiatry. As people discover more and more that the state of your general health is tied to the wellbeing of our feet, taking proper care of a person’s feet becomes more important. Feet are often quite overlooked but are the direct connection to our movement and the ground.


Turn to a Trusted Full Body Wax Clinic, Maple, Vaughan

Our team at LuxBright Medica can get you started to a happier, healthier and more confident life with just these 3 treatments! Call today to learn more and set up an appointment to revitalize your skin, receive a personalized feet treatment, and feel your smoothest skin with a waxing session.


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