Your Winter Beauty Checklist: Waxing, Anti-Aging Facials & RMT Massage Therapy | Waxing Spa, Vaughan - Aesthetics, Waxing, Physio, RMT Medical Spa Maple | 905-832-7999

Your Winter Beauty Checklist: Waxing, Anti-Aging Facials & RMT Massage Therapy | Waxing Spa, Vaughan

Your Winter Beauty Checklist: Waxing, Anti-Aging Facials & RMT Massage Therapy | Waxing Spa, Vaughan

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For many people, winter can feel harsh on their body, the cold dry air hurts their skin and dries it out, their joints become much tenser and arthritis flairs up, and much more. Luckily, waxing, facials, and massages have some unexpected benefits to fight these issues and help you stay comfortable and beautiful during winter. 

Get your body winter-ready with our professional waxing spa in Vaughan LuxBright Medica. You can get an RMT massage near me with confidence and have your joints be ready for the winter no matter how cold it gets! With a proper anti-aging facials spa your face will be also prepared for the winter wind and deal with a lot fewer issues caused by drying out in the Vaughan and Maple area.


Why Get Waxed in Winter?

You might be thinking that now that winter is approaching this is the time you cut out waxing because there is no way you will go outside with bare legs. Whether you want to brave the cold with bare legs or not waxing can still be really beneficial and actually help you out in the coming summer when waxing is on everyone’s minds.

Winter is actually a great time to wax because you won’t be showing off your legs! Your hair growth goes through phases and waxing is best when done during the first phase of your hair growth cycle, since you are hiding your legs now as compared to summer; you can properly wax at the best time to give yourself longer-lasting results. By waxing during winter you can maintain a regular routine and then soon enough, just in time for summer, you won’t have worries about stray hairs. 


How Can a Facial Help My Skin During Winter?

Facials are great for your skin and come with a variety of options so you can revitalize, heal, and refresh your skin with something fit for you. Everyone knows winter can be harsh on your skin, it has to work harder to maintain its hydration as the wind and cold weather sets in. 

With a LuxBright facial treatment, we aim to give you a luxurious experience, our facial treatments include steaming, exfoliation, creams, lotions, facial masks, and peels to fully revitalize your skin and protect against winters harsh conditions. 

Facials come in a variety of types to fit your skins needs perfectly and your goals. Oliga-Vital is a great pick to combat dry and mature skin, meanwhile Energy Vitale facial is great for skin in need of oxygenation giving you boosted radiance. Multi-Vita facial lifts and firms to replenish and stimulate aging skin. Dio facial is perfect for oily mature skin types. 


Massage Away Winter Joint Pain

Not only your face but winter can be harsh on your joints too, and many people stop exercising which doesn’t help with joint or muscle pain. Massages are pretty well known for loosening up tight and tense knots in your body so why not take advantage of them for your winter woes too!

Anyone dealing with arthritis knows that winter isn’t the best time for their condition, flair-ups can happen more frequently and inflammation in the joint increases. A massage helps to improve blood flow throughout your body, letting nutrients reach your tense joints and reduce the severity of inflammation and pain. Massages also just help you warm up! With your blood flow boosted this increases the efficiency of thermoregulation.


Want to Get Winter Ready? Turn to a Trusted Beauty Clinic in Maple, Vaughan

Combat against winters harsh effects and take advantage of these three treatments to survive the cold and get you ready for the coming summer! Reach out to LuxBright today at 905-832-7999 to get started towards your comfortable happy winter.

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