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Why Winter Is The Best Time To Wax | Stay Smooth & Stay Warm With Our Body Waxing Spa!

Why Winter Is The Best Time To Wax | Stay Smooth & Stay Warm With Our Body Waxing Spa!

If you keep to a regular waxing routine, you’ll know that the warmer months are an ideal time to keep your skin smooth and hairless whenever possible. When winter usually arrives, people tend to cover up and put off their waxing routine because no one will see their skin. Rather than delay your next waxing treatment at your local body waxing spa, you should adopt a new skincare routine. Consider waxing in the winter because it can help you gain a silkier skin complexion and reduce hair growth over time. 


LuxBright Medica is a skin rejuvenation clinic that provides daytime beauty services and hair waxing. The latter is our most popular service because our clients recognize that it’s important to perform skincare maintenance in the colder months. To help you better understand this practise, we’ll go over why winter is the best time to wave and how it can help you keep your skin exfoliated in the cold. Continue your waxing routine during the wintertime and experience fantastic skin year-round!


Why Is Winter The Best Time To Wax?


Winter is often the time when moisture around your skin dries up the most. By waxing in the winter, you not only help keep your skin exfoliated but also contribute to overall hair growth. If you stop your waxing routine in the winter, it can disrupt and reset your body’s hair growth cycle. Hair growth cycles are active in three stages: growth, slumber, and follicle fallout. This helps determine how close or long your hair is attached to your skin. By waxing in the winter, you make the process much easier for yourself. 


Skin hair gets brittle over time and the more often you wax it off, the less pain you’ll feel every time you do so. This is because new hair that grows on your body will be finer and thinner than before. If you leave it to grow, the job becomes a little harder, but with a consistent waxing routine, the hair will easily come off from waxing. 


Additionally, winter is a great time for waxing because it’s perfect for preparing for summer. If you’re planning a vacation and hitting up the beach, you’ll be able to show off your soft skin in no time. You’ll be ready for any last-minute parties or get-togethers to show off your best body. 


This brings us to our next topic: waxing to keep your skin silky during the winter. 


How Does Waxing In The Winter Help Keep My Skin Exfoliated?


Cold weather often means bundling up to protect our skin from drying. While this does offer some protection, a downside of that is the daily friction being rubbed against your skin’s hair shafts that may result in uneven growth or ingrown hair. By waxing your hair off in the winter, you’ll be giving yourself a much smoother sensation and experience with your skin. It also keep your skin moisturized and exfoliated with the help of lotions and body scrubs.

Speaking of which, while moisturization using those products do wonders for your skin’s smoothness, they alone can’t finish the job. Waxing in the winter not only deeply hydrates your skin when it counts, but it also opens up your pores and gently exfoliates it by removing dead skin cells. This allows moisturizers, lotions, and creams to be easily absorbed into your skin, keeping it soft throughout the cold. 


It’s inevitable that dryness, flaking, and tightening of the skin will affect you at some point. Because waxing helps exfoliate your skin pores, it also helps circulate blood flow to stimulate new growth of finer hairs. Waxing removes any ingrown hairs on specific areas and creates a new healthier, glowing layer of moisturized skin. 


Additionally, you can use a gentle scrub to remove excess dead skin and prepare for waxing hair off. This will contribute to healthy, hydrated skin that will make you feel vibrant in the winter and ready you for the summer. 


Why Should I Continue My Waxing Routine In The Winter?


We’ve laid out many reasons for continuing your waxing routine in the winter and are confident that we made a strong case for it. Although it may seem like a hassle to go through, waxing off your skin hair can lead to fewer razor shaves and dry skin. You’ll have baby-smooth skin for longer periods of time and develop a good pain tolerance down the road. Waxing in the winter offers many benefits, so we encourage you to keep up your routine or try it out for the first time. 


Book an appointment with LuxBright Medica today to secure your next waxing service. Keep your skin clean and smooth all throughout winter now! 

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