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Why Laser Hair Removal is the Best Option

Why Laser Hair Removal is the Best Option

Laser hair removal is a process whereby hair follicles are bombarded with light from a laser. The absorbed light disrupts the blood to the follicle, which eventually dies. Once the follicle has died, a new one will not grow in place. This means that the hair removal achieved by a laser is permanent.

Laser hair removal is better than shaving due to the fact that shaving is temporary, sometimes painful, and can lead to cuts and/or infections. Consider also the time spent on shaving regularly, and it becomes apparent that getting laser treatments to end hair growth altogether provides numerous benefits.

Among the many benefits of laser hair removal, the painlessness of the procedure is certainly among the most important. Unlike electrolysis, there is no potentially painful puncturing of the skin. Waxing, while it may provide a somewhat longer period of hairlessness than shaving, is also painful.

Other non-permanent hair loss techniques come with their own drawbacks. While not painful, bleaches designed to lighten hair may discolor skin, while chemical depilatories can smell bad and be irritating to the skin.

The best feature of laser hair removal is undoubtedly the long term results. Due to the laser only being effective on follicles that are in the growth cycle, it may take a bit of time before the affected area shows permanent hairlessness. However, this is not a process that takes years and years, and improvement is progressive. Once the treatments have been completed, the hair will never grow back.

This is in contrast to shaving, where the hair always grows back. Aside from the annoyance of having to shave regularly, there are potential health drawbacks as well. Conditions such as razor bumps, scarring, and infection are risks of shaving. Also, shaving is not free. Add up all those razors, shaving creams, and aftershave products and it will quickly become apparent that shaving costs a lot of money over the course of a lifetime. Permanent removal is safer and cost-effective long term. Stop wasting time on shaving, visit LuxBright Medica to start your laser hair removal treatments. Contact us today to set up an appointment and be on the road to permanent hair removal.

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