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Waxing in the Winter: Why You Should Keep Up with Your Routine Even When It’s Cold!

Waxing in the Winter: Why You Should Keep Up with Your Routine Even When It’s Cold!

Having smooth skin is possible during all seasons! You don’t have to bust out the bikini in the winter to have a reason to have a silky complexion – our waxing services can pamper you and make your skin radiate! A steady waxing regimen can help reduce hair growth over time and prevent the hair from growing thicker.

Next time you’re thinking of skipping out on your waxing appointment, consider our affordable beauty treatments instead to give you that confidence boost to help you feel your best! You’ll always be sexy, no matter the season, but when you need that extra boost, turn to LuxBright Medica to give you that fantastic glow and make your skin feel rejuvenated.

Toss out that razor, and click on one of our appointment slots instead to get the smoothest skin you’ve ever had! Want to know why a regimented waxing schedule is great for you even during the winter? Take our hand, we’ll lead the way!


Having skin that is healthy and glowing!

Does it seem like no matter how much lotion and moisturizer you apply to your body, you can’t seem to get rid of your dry and flaky skin? The truth is, the drier the skin, the more dead skin cells you will have. Regular exfoliation can keep those dead skin cells and bay, and waxing is a fantastic way to achieve that – because waxing, besides giving you that ultra-smooth skin you love, is a great exfoliator. So next time you’re thinking about cancelling your waxing appointment, think about the added layer of moisture it can give you during the winter!


You can always feel clean and confident!

Unwanted stubble on your legs can sometimes make you feel insecure, and what better way to receive a confidence boost than by feeling smooth? You don’t have to limit yourself to only being hair-free in the summer – winter is just as important to feeling your best! Think of all the holiday parties and Christmas get-togethers where you can show off your fantastic skin – we say don’t cover up your body during the winter! Show it off and be proud of it!


Reduced hair growth and less pain sensitivity

The more you wax, the less pain you’ll experience. Shall we keep going? The more frequent your waxing appointments are, the longer you’ll be able to go without waxing in the future. Waxing is more than just one session solution – a steady waxing regimen weakens the hair follicles which will slow down the entire hair growth process. 

Waxing regularly will reduce your skin’s sensitivity to hair removal, making the hair follicles much easier to pull out. Plus, the more you wax, the fewer ingrown hairs you’ll tend to have, as waxing prevents build-up and blockage which may cause your skin to be irritated. If you are new to the world of waxing, our team can help you feel comfortable, as we will also provide lotions and oils for a complete hair removal treatment. 


Waxing in the winter is the best way to keep up your beauty routine!

Is there anything more amazing than having freshly waxed skin while you’re enjoying sipping your hot cocoa by the fire? Just because you may be wearing long pants for the next few months, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep your body in hiding! While you’re busy sipping on some eggnog and decorating your Christmas tree, let us take care of all your waxing services that make you feel confident even when the temperatures drop!

Let us do our magic and help you say yes to every holiday invitation, knowing that you’ll feel your best! Book your appointment today and experience world-class service from our professional team!

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