The Top 3 Aesthetic Medical Treatments That Are Hot This Summer! | Hair Loss Treatment Cost Maple - Aesthetics, Waxing, Physio, RMT Medical Spa Maple | 905-832-7999

The Top 3 Aesthetic Medical Treatments That Are Hot This Summer! | Hair Loss Treatment Cost Maple

The Top 3 Aesthetic Medical Treatments That Are Hot This Summer! | Hair Loss Treatment Cost Maple


Are you looking to add some oomph to your look this summer? If so, you’re no doubt interested in treatments that deliver significant improvements with little downtime. Recently, therapies like skin rejuvenation, mesotherapy, and contouring have taken the market by storm. The reason why these are so sought after is that they help draw out a patient’s natural beauty and give them the self-confidence to live life to the fullest. 

In this article, we cover the top 3 medical aesthetic services in Vaughan that are non-invasive and include little to no discomfort. What are aesthetic procedures? These services use high-technology skincare devices that essentially combine healthcare and beauty to give you the best of both worlds!

1. RF Body Contouring

Radio Frequency skin tightening is a popular non-surgical procedure that diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, fat, cellulite and rejuvenates the overall visual appeal of the face and body. 

The RF device provides heat to treatment areas and keeps them at a certain temperature to stimulate the growth of collagen and tighten existing stores. The dermal layer of the skin is full of collagen. Upon heating this through RF, the skin tightens immediately because of the fibre contraction. 

Is RF skin tightening safe? This treatment is FDA-cleared and is highly controlled to ensure your safety at all times. The radio waves emitted by these devices are very different from those of a microwave or cellphone. When you approach a trusted and experienced clinic like Lux Bright Medica, we deliver the best level of care and ensure you get to enjoy the results you’ve always envisioned for yourself. Our certified providers will treat targeted tissue and expose them to optimal temperatures to induce collagen production without overheating. 

Is RF skin tightening permanent? Facial tightening is noticeable immediately after the treatment and additional results become evident in the next couple of months. Most patients usually require 2 or 3 treatments spaced a month apart to amplify the treatment outcomes. Unlike a facelift, these treatments do not stretch the skin, but rather, cause the cells to tighten on their own. Thus, the effects are permanent. 

2. Laser Hair Removal

Waxing, shaving and depilatory creams are a thing of the past. These reap short-term results and often cause the hair to grow back coarser. Lux Bright Medica uses the Venus Velocity technology for quick, effective and painless hair removal for the face and body. 

Is laser hair removal permanent? Initially, patients opt for multiple sessions as hair growth is still quite active. The light emitted during the treatment is absorbed by the hair follicle and converted into heat. This prevents the blood supply from reaching that follicle, thus less and less hair grows back with each subsequent treatment. In the end, you will experience permanent hair reduction.

Of course, the number of treatments differs from one patient to the next. This depends on age, hair colour, coarseness, metabolism, and the likes. 

3. Mesotherapy

If you struggle with tired looking dull skin and superficial wrinkles, this therapy may just be for you. Mesotherapy improves blood circulation and flushes out aging toxins. It also helps with acne scarring and pigmentation problems. 

This is a non-surgical rejuvenating treatment where special therapeutic serums, amino acids, and vitamins are injected directly into the problem areas for optimal results. The treatment time runs for about 30 minutes and the process itself isn’t painful. Although the doctor may use an anesthetic cream to numb any discomfort. 

The recovery time is quick, though minor swelling and bruising may occur – patients have reported that these subside within 24 hours. The results? Your skin is hydrated, nourished, firmer and has a much better texture. 

Give Your Skin a Brand New Lease on Life!

Lux Bright Medica is a healthcare and medical aesthetic clinic, located in the heart of Vaughan. Our team of highly qualified professionals and commited to helping people of all ages get the skin they love. 

Through physiotherapy, foot care, naturopathy, massage, and a host of professional Medical Aesthetic services, we work every day to inspire hope, build health, and celebrate life and beauty.

Curious about how our treatments can rejuvenate your skin? You can find out more here

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