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Take A Positive Step Forward At Our Vaughan Clinic

Take A Positive Step Forward At Our Vaughan Clinic

What Is Chiropody?

Chiropody, the study and treatment of feet, is sometimes known more commonly as podiatry. This branch of medicine has grown a lot as more and more evidence shows how much of our health is tied to the health of our feet. We often forget that our feet are the interfaces between our bodies and the earth. Much of our lives are spent on our feet, with such pressure and weight concentrated in two small areas. As all the parts of our skeleton and musculature are interconnected, it’s no wonder that so much of our bodily function, structure, and mobility is intricately tied to the feet.

Your first appointment is a combination of a consultation and treatment. A medical history and consent form is completed by the patient and reviewed with the chiropodist. A complete examination and assessment of your feet is conducted, looking at and checking for:

  • lesions – corns, calluses, warts, moles, wounds, ulcers
  • range of motion/gait analysis (foot function), circulation, sensation, colour
  • digital 3d scan of both your feet are taken

Treatment options are then presented and discussed, along with your questions answered and next steps decided.

Feet can experience various conditions from calluses, corns, fungal infections, diabetic foot, ingrown nails, and more. Chiropodists will take the time to properly diagnose and understand your situation to give you the best fit treatment for your situation. Creating custom orthotics, custom fit orthopedic shoes, fully tailoring them uniquely to your foot and condition.

Why You May Need A Chiropodist

Anyone who is a practitioner of any sort of medicine is required to undergo efforts toward continuing their education and complete a certain number of hours toward their continued education each year. This is important as all the courses that chiropodists are enrolled in are relevant to the care of your feet, as opposed to other health professionals who generally take courses in a wide variety of subjects not directly related to their area of practice. There is only so much continuing education one can take before their yearly requirement is fulfilled. We will have much better training and in the diagnosis, adjustment, troubleshooting of prescribing for all things involved for your feet; including custom orthotics.

Because the foot and ankle region is so complex, it is important to seek advice from a professional with focused training. If you notice pain, swelling or discomfort in your feet or ankles, a chiropodist can determine and treat the issue for long-term relief

Types Of Orthotics We Offer At Our Clinic

Foot Orthotics is an assistive device designed to support your posture, relieve pressure, correct deformities, and improve overall function of the foot. The structural makeup of every individual is very different, and custom made orthotics here at LuxBright Medica are made to fit to your specific foot shape. Our foot specialist will perform a comprehensive assessment to determine what type of orthotic is suited to accommodate your specific needs.

Custom made foot orthotics are made specifically for an individual based on the unique shape and biomechanical properties of any given individual. The ready-made insoles that are found at many different stores are made to fit everyone and are sized according to shoe size – they do not take into consideration the different shapes and sizes of different people, but are made to try and fit most people. In some cases the ready-made insoles work well and serve an important purpose. For many people, however, the unique issues that are causing their pain points can only be solved by a pair of custom made foot orthotics.

We invite you to schedule an appointment with us; together we can assess your individual needs and make a recommendation that is right for you – sometimes that recommendation includes ready-made insoles or orthotics, but sometimes no costly intervention is required at all!

If you are looking for a complete foot care clinic to resolve problems with your feet, the expert team of chiropodists at Lux Bright Medica can help you. Give us a call today!

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