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Save Your Time, Money, Energy, and Skin With Waxing

Save Your Time, Money, Energy, and Skin With Waxing

Hair is an inevitable part of our body and can be very beautiful, yet sometimes it is the very thing in the way of you feeling your most confident. LuxBright Medica offers professional full body waxing spa services for both men and women in Vaughan and Maple, providing silky-smooth, hair-free skin using industry-leading products that result in finer regrowth. Our waxing services are affordable, reliable, and near pain-free. We offer eyebrow waxing, upper and lower lip waxing, upper and lower back waxing, underarm waxing, full arms and legs waxing, buttock waxing, and Brazilian waxing services.

Waxing is a superior alternative to hair creams and shaving since it reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs and thicker regrowth, while also removing dry and dead skin cells. Our highly trained clinicians at LuxBright Medica – a trusted women’s waxing spa and men’s waxing spa in Maple ensure to prioritize your comfort in a warm and welcoming environment. The Brazilian waxing services in Vaughan and Maple are particularly popular with our patients raving about the excellent results. You can be assured that our clinic is fully sterilized before and after each appointment, and we follow the strictest standards of hygiene. Our aesthetic and medical staff utilize industry-approved equipment for your safety.

Benefits Of Waxing
Waxing not only removes hair from the root but also peels away excess dead skin cells, resulting in hair removal and exfoliation treatment. Compared to shaving, waxing provides longer-lasting results because it takes longer for hair to grow back due to the hair having to regrow from the root. With waxing, you’ll enjoy softer skin for a longer period of time, giving you more time in the morning to do other things besides shaving. Making the switch to waxing eliminates the need to continually replace razors and shaving cream which saves you the money and hassle in the long run.

Waxing Tips
To extend the time between waxes we recommend you apply a moisturizer that can slow down hair regrowth. Waxing can sometimes even change the texture of hair when it grows back, resulting in finer hair due to damage to the hair follicles. While waxing doesn’t prevent hair from fully growing back, it’s an ideal solution if you’re not ready to commit to the higher cost of laser hair removal. We all know that spotting ingrown hair is quite annoying. This occurs when a hair grows back down into the skin instead of up and out resulting in a little bump. To prevent ingrown hairs, it’s recommended to perform gentle exfoliation after each wax or use an over-the-counter antiseptic. Consistency with your waxing routine is also key since your hair will be finer each time and therefore you will experience less and less pain. Proper preparation before each visit is also important. Exfoliating 48 hours before your appointment and refraining from shaving for at least five to seven days ensures that your hair is the appropriate size for waxing.

Is Waxing Better Than Shaving?
The main difference between waxing and shaving is the duration of their effects. Typically, waxing results last for approximately 3 to 4 weeks as the hair is removed at the root. In contrast, hair grows back much faster with shaving. You have about 2 days to a week because only the top layer of hair is removed and the bottom starts creeping in before you know it. Over time, waxing becomes more effective than shaving as hair is removed from the follicle because it leads to thinner and slower regrowth or even no regrowth at all. Waxing is also less likely to cause irritation, ingrown hairs, and breakouts compared to shaving, which can cause skin irritation even with shaving cream. Shaving daily is often required to maintain smooth skin, which increases the risk of razor burn. If you desire hairless legs without the risk of red bumps, waxing is a highly recommended option to achieve smooth legs.

Using a razor for hair removal can sometimes result in accidental cuts if not handled with care or held at the wrong angle. Although such cuts usually don’t cause significant bleeding there is still a chance of infection. This is another compelling reason to switch to waxing as a hair removal method.  Consistent shaving requires frequent purchase and disposal of razors, which are often not eco-friendly or reusable adding to pollution. A more environmentally friendly alternative to hairy legs is waxing! Cloth strips can even replace single-use wax strips. Save your time, money, and even the environment when you choose to book your waxing appointment at 905-832-7999!

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