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RMT Massage


RMT Massage therapy (provided by a Registered Massage Therapist) is a relaxing and soothing way to both treat specific ailments, as well as promote overall well-being and bodily health. Massage therapy comes in many forms, including foot reflexology, Swedish massage, hot stone and aromatherapy massages, lymph drainage massage, and a host of others. For millennia, massage has been successfully used to relieve pain and stress, stimulate healing, assist in prenatal comfort, and even to promote weight loss. More recently, massage has been used as an effective treatment for auto accident rehabilitation and post-surgical rehabilitation, as well as in treating sports injuries and workplace injuries.

Benefits of massage therapy:

  • Improve joint mobility
  • Eliminate pain and stress
  • Improve body circulation
  • Stimulate immune system function
  • Reduce tension
  • Increase lymph drainage
  • Promote weight loss
  • Stimulates body health and wellness
  • Affordable
  • Covered by most insurance companies

Countless studies have shown the tremendous health benefits of massage therapy, including reduced blood pressure and tension, relieving pain, anxiety, and depression, stimulating muscle health and regeneration, releasing "feel-good" endorphins in the brain, improving sleep, as well as preventing injury. On top of this, massage therapy has a number of mental and emotional benefits, altogether translating to a complete, holistic approach to health and wellness.

At LuxBright Medica, our experienced and certified massage therapists (RMT) are focused on your total well-being and satisfaction. Using a range of available massage therapy techniques, we tailor a custom massage program based on your needs, reflecting your specific requirements.

Types of the RMT massages:

  • Therapeutic Swedish deep tissue massage
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Weight loss massage
  • Japanese hot stone massage
  • Full body relaxation massage
  • Foot reflexology massage
  • Prenatal chair massage

Price List

30 Mins


Therapeutic Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

45 Mins


Therapeutic Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

60 Mins


Therapeutic Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

90 Mins


Therapeutic Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

45 Mins


Hot Stone Massage Therapy

60 Mins


Weight Loss Massage Therapy

60 Mins



12 Sessi-ons


1-Year Membership (60 Minutes per Session)


1Can anyone receive massage therapy?
Yes, massage therapy is appropriate for individuals of all ages, including infants, children, and the elderly; however, there are some conditions for which massage therapy is not appropriate. Our qualified Massage Therapist (RMT or MT) are trained to recognize these cases.
2How often should I have massage therapy?
Some people believe that one treatment is enough; however, massage therapy is most beneficial in acute conditions when used over a series of treatments and then followed up with maintenance or preventive treatments.
3What happens on the first visit?
On the first visit you will complete a confidential health history as part of your assessment. This is important as the Massage Therapist needs to know if you have any medical conditions or are taking any medications. The Massage Therapist will listen to your concerns, assess your individual needs, as well as other factors that may be contributing to any pain (lifestyle, nutritional status, etc.). The Massage Therapist will then develop a treatment plan with you to ensure you receive appropriate treatment that will help you return to your healthy state in an effective and relaxing manner.
4Is massage therapy covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)?
No. Massage therapy treatments are not covered under OHIP, regardless of whether or not the treatments are required by a physician.
Most progressive extended health benefit plans do cover massage therapy treatments when provided by a Registered Massage Therapist and most do not require a physician's order to do so, although some do have that requirement. Contact our clinic for more information.

Health services are covered by most insurance companies, EHC, WSIB, MVA.

Now we can settle your claims directly with the insurance providers:
You may want to contact your employer or insurance agent to see if you are covered.
* Some conditions apply.

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