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What Are Orthotics?
Orthotics are custom made appliances, such as heel cups, arch supports or cushioning pads, that are made to fit into a patient’s footwear. In addition, patients with certain types of foot problems may need orthotics shoes that have specialized inserts to support the feet, ankles or toes. Orthotics doctors can make customized devices that will help patients feet feel better while walking or standing. Wearing custom orthotics can help an injury to the foot or ankle heal faster, or it can prevent additional musculoskeletal problems with the body that can affect the knees, hips and back. There are a variety of different orthotics that are offered, during a patient’s appointment an assessment will be done to understand which orthotics are best suitable for the patient’s needs. 

Who Needs Orthotics? 
Many individuals need custom orthotics for their feet because they have a structural problem in the joints, muscles or tendons. Athletes can injure their feet while running, and workers in some occupations have extensive wear and tear in their feet. Problems with the feet can include temporary conditions such as gout in the big toe or plantar fasciitis in the sole of a foot. These types of problems can cause excruciating pain, making daily living difficult. Alternatively, someone might have a permanent foot abnormality such as fallen arches that requires custom orthotics. An orthotics doctor will assess the patient in order to understand what orthotic is best suited for the patient.

Why Are Orthotics Important? 
With custom orthotics, you can begin to live a normal life again after a severe injury has damaged the internal components of one or both feet. If you work in an occupation that requires a lot of walking, then wearing custom orthotics can protect your feet from damage along with helping the rest of your body to feel better. Athletes who wear custom orthotics can have better performance with less chances of developing an injury. Custom orthotics are made to fit your foot specifically, targeting any problems a patient may have and being able to correct them, which allows patients to live their regular daily life more at ease. 

LuxBright Medica specializes in custom made orthotics in Vaughan. Contact us today to book an appointment and see a foot specialist. Our foot specialist will perform a biomechanical assessment to determine what type of orthotic is suited to accommodate and correct an abnormal foot function

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