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Nail Fungus… a new simple treatment

Nail Fungus… a new simple treatment

Dear friends and residents of Vaughan, Maple, Woodbridge and Richmond Hill!

My name is Irina Lukyanova, and as the manager of LuxBright Medica’s Healthcare and Medical Aesthetic clinic, I would like to devote a few of your minutes to a problem known as ONYCHOMYCOSIS (Fungal Nail Disease), and how to deal with it.

I will firstly say that this problem is relevant for both men and women.
The disease is quite common, which anyone can easily pick up anywhere, such as the pool, on the beach, at the airport, etc.
This disease is especially unpleasant in that it gives its owner a lot of discomfort. It is accompanied by dry, itching skin and gives hands and feet a very unattractive appearance.

How to get rid of this? The traditional medical approach stretches the treatment for months, or even years. It is quite expensive, and after recovery the fungus has been known to return, having to start the whole procedure over again. Moreover, these treatments could be very harmful to the liver.

Our clinic LuxBright Medica offers quick elimination of the fungus using a NEW and EFFECTIVE LASER TREATMENT. Our high-tech device Wolf A.R.C LASER by the company Britamed is the most modern medical laser. With its help, our chiropodists (foot care specialists) effectively get rid of fungal problems.

Why is this treatment the best?

– Safe
– No Health Risk
– No Chemicals
– Very fast and Highly efficient
– Painless

The laser provides a deep penetration of radiation into the nail plate itself, as well as under it, and kills the fungi that causes the disease to spread. Usually 3 to 6 procedures are required. The gap between each of them is about a week. The procedure is painless, a bit of heat or tingling in treated area might be felt. At the request of the client, local anesthesia is used.

You should bring a pair of new socks with you.

When will the infection be cured? After the old, sick nail is completely replaced by a healthy one. And this takes some time.

Our specialists are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and the last Saturday of each month.

Please contact us if you have this problem as we will provide the most effective and safe treatment. These procedures are ALL COVERED BY WORKING BENEFITS (EHC BENEFITS).

We will be happy to eliminate your troubles.

Call us: 905-832-7999
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