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Improve your skin with Microneedling

Improve your skin with Microneedling

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Microneedling Is The Future Of Cosmetic Skin Care
A new approach to anti-aging skin therapy called Microneedling has given the more invasive treatments a run for their money. This method of skin rejuvenation is FDA approved and aimed at the eradication of fine lines, lessens the appearance of stretch marks, and a reduction of skin pores. Microneedling also aids in the absorption of the lotions you use every day.

Aside from Microneedling being an anti-aging weapon in your beauty arsenal, it benefits the client medically. Skin issues such as the reduction of rosacea, alignment of the skin scars, and bleaching hyper pigmented areas all respond well to the Microneedling procedure. This restorative skin care approach aids in the creation of collagen by invigorating blood circulation. The treatment is as follows:

– Cleaning and numbing the skin
– Collagen stimulation product
– Vitamin C serum
– Skin lightener depending upon treatment concern
– A small pen containing 12 small needles penetrates the skin

Post treatment skin will appear slightly red with some mild swelling. Pin prick bleeding and discolouration resembling a hematoma may occur up to 48 hours. This is due to the the broken capillaries in the skin around the area of needle penetration. Hyaluronic Acid is then applied to the skin directly following as a protective layer.

The downtime is approximately 48 hours which is considerably less than other treatment options. Medical Microneedling is effective on most skin types and approved for all areas of the body. Within two weeks your skin will begin to look more youthful, smoother and more and have a more radiant glow. Treatments can be performed at four to six-week intervals. However, some skin issues require less and others need more. With Microneedling the results become apparent with the very first session. The amount of visits needed is also according to the issue you want corrected. Scar reduction requires more visits than simple collagen induction. The number of treatments also differs with individual skin type. To learn more about microneedling, contact us today to book an appointment. It’s time to get your skin back to its youth. 

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