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Improve Your Posture And Mobility With Our Chiropody Treatments | Your Feet Are In Great Hands!

Improve Your Posture And Mobility With Our Chiropody Treatments | Your Feet Are In Great Hands!

At LuxBright medical spa, we provide exceptional foot care to improve your mobility and help you feel your best. We also provide various other beauty and waxing services, as well as compression stockings for foot pain. Your feet are often the most overlooked part of your body that needs addressing, but when pain strikes, a chiropodist will be there to find out the cause of it and find solutions. 

Within the field of podiatry, the condition and health of your feet are often looked at and cared for by trained chiropodists. They’re highly trained foot care specialists who can treat injuries or irregularities having to do with your feet and lower limbs. They help prevent serious diseases and disorders, as well as improve your overall posture and mobility. Additionally, if you’re suffering from foot pain stemming from diabetes or long-term sports injuries, chiropody foot care treatment may be needed to help you get back your step. 

We’ll take the time and care to provide you with a full, comprehensive assessment and map out the appropriate treatments to relieve pain and restore full health as quickly and comfortably as possible.

To help you better understand the role of chiropody, we’ll explain why you should go see a chiropodist, how they can help you resolve any chronic foot issues, and ways in which custom orthotics and compression socks can alleviate your foot pain. 

Why Should You Go See A Chiropodist?

If you’re experiencing some pain in your feet, you should see a chiropodist as regularly as you can to prevent more serious injuries from happening. It also ensures your feet are in peak condition.  Chiropodists specialize in the recognition, assessment, treatment, and ongoing care of foot-related issues. They have the specialized skills and techniques to keep regular foot pain, boost mobility, and maintain healthy feet you can walk with. 

Another reason why you should see a chiropodist is if you lose sensation or feeling in your feet. The specialist will often check for skin breakdown and signs of infection that you probably won’t feel at first. They will also check for and address corns, calluses, and warts that may appear on your feet as a result of pressure or infection. 

Chiropodists will also help treat thick or discoloured toenails that many people just choose to live with. It’s important to have this treated quickly because it could be a sign of a fungal infection. The same can be said for ingrown toenails, which should be treated to avoid further infection through safe methods. 

A chiropodist is an important specialist to see if you’re looking for a good assessment of your feet and toenails. Our LuxBright chiropodists will always discuss the best treatment options for you based on what you’re comfortable with – this extends to how they can assist with dealing with more chronic foot issues. 

How Can A Chiropodist Help Me with More Chronic Foot Problems? 

If you’re a diabetic or someone dealing with long-term sports injuries, a chiropodist can help you manage your foot issues to help you maintain its peak condition. They can especially prevent and treat various injuries related to sports or physical activity However, chronic foot problems often come as a result of diabetes, which we’ll focus on particularly. 

Diabetic patients will often face serious complications for their feet such as ulcerations, gangrene, loss of limbs, etc. Chiropody aims to prevent such conditions from occurring and help you maintain your feet in their best form. If left untreated, a diabetic’s feet may lead to decreased sensation and healing capacity. To prevent this, a chiropodist will have your foot screened for signs of numbness and high-pressure points. 

Chiropodists also perform their procedures with medically sterile methods to prevent infection. You can be assured that they will study your foot-related issues with a trained eye to make sure no further issues pop up. At LuxBright, we also provide special foot orthotics and compression socks to help with regular foot maintenance. 


How Do Custom Foot Orthotics And Compression Socks Alleviate My Foot Pain?

Custom foot orthotics and compression socks alleviate foot pain by putting pressure on the soles of your feet and calves. Afterwards, the blood flow in those areas will improve and reduce swelling or inflammation. If you’re someone dealing with serious sports injuries or plantar fasciitis, an orthotic or compression sock will often be recommended for treatment. 

These materials will also work when you’re not standing on your feet. The compression sock can support your foot with light pressure passing through your foot’s arch and soles. This helps maintain a small amount of stretch throughout your soles, calming any pain you may feel and reducing the chances of further injury.  

Book an appointment with a Chiropodist at LuxBright Medical Spa today! Get foot pain relief now by finding out more about our safe procedures and treatment plans. 

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