How Physiotherapy Helps Immensely With Muscle Pain & What to Expect During Your First Session | Physiotherapy Clinic Maple - Aesthetics, Waxing, Physio, RMT Medical Spa Maple | 905-832-7999

How Physiotherapy Helps Immensely With Muscle Pain & What to Expect During Your First Session | Physiotherapy Clinic Maple

How Physiotherapy Helps Immensely With Muscle Pain & What to Expect During Your First Session | Physiotherapy Clinic Maple

Physiotherapy has been used all across the world for centuries for many disabilities and mobility disorders. A personalized physiotherapy treatment plan works to increase range of motion, and promote recovery of damaged tissue naturally, no matter the cause of injury or pain.  At LuxBright Medica, a physiotherapy clinic in Maple, our team will work with you to design a fully personalized exercise and treatment unique to you and your injury.

By providing muscle and joint pain relief using physiotherapy through a personalized plan you can rest assured that recovery and regaining motion and strength in your joints is fully possible. LuxBright Medica provides a range of specialized services for any type of injury or pain including back pain relief at our clinic in Maple.


What Can Physiotherapy Do for Me?

You might know a bit about physiotherapy because it is popularly recommended for post-surgery injuries and rehabilitation following events such as a sports injury or car accident. Physiotherapy involves a range of different specific techniques each specialized to aid different aspects of the recovery.  These include muscle stretches, physical exercises, joint mobilization and manipulation, and massage. This can also be used in addition to other treatments, which help it work alongside many medicines, acupuncture or chiropody care to maximize recovery potential.

Physiotherapy is a fully personalized treatment towards you, your injury or pain, and your goals. While 2 people might experience the same pain for the same reason its possible to be a different section of muscles that causes it and for each of them to have different goals in recovery. Specialists will work directly with you to learn about your situation and develop the ideal treatment and exercise program for you


Physiotherapy Benefits

Physiotherapy has the ability to potentially help a wide variety of ailments and work alongside other treatments to aid in a faster and much more safe recovery. This treatment can help many parts of the body and aspects of certain illnesses, letting you feel much more relaxed and comfortable. Physiotherapy can have extensive results for healing, here are the most common benefits and advantages of using physiotherapy to help your body:

  • Restore motion in joints
  • Stimulate the body’s natural healing ability
  • Relief of muscle pain
  • Reduce of joint pain
  • Work alongside other treatments
  • Strengthen the musculature system
  • Address specific tensed or pained muscles



Starting Your Physiotherapy Treatment

Because it is a fully customized treatment first the physiotherapist will meet with you to understand your needs, injury, and development. Initially, the physiotherapist will do a physical evaluation and touch the injured area; looking for any tenderness, weakness, swelling, and pain. By determining how your joint moves, what limitations there are, the pain, and more this helps them more fully understand your position and determine which muscles or specific parts of the injury need work. 

The physiotherapist will also discuss with you your condition and its state. They may ask you about the intensity of pain, personal history and family history potentially related to this, any medications you are taking, the physical requirements and goals you have for your joints (including job, any leisure activities, and general lifestyle), and any treatments you have received/are receiving. 


Try Out the Benefits of Physiotherapy – Reclaim Your Physical Health!

By meeting with certified specialists you can reduce and help your pain, lack of motion, and more significantly reduce by receiving this personalized treatment. Take advantage of physiotherapy benefits with a comfortable recovery path. Contact LuxBright Medica today to get started to meet with our professional physiotherapists and discuss your recovery!

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