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How Do I Fade the Appearance of My Spider Veins Safely and Quickly? Try Our Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Maple

How Do I Fade the Appearance of My Spider Veins Safely and Quickly? Try Our Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Maple

You might be asking yourself; how I know if you have spider veins? Spider veins (also known as thread veins or by their medical name telangiectasia) are small red, blue, or purple veins that show up on your skin usually around the legs. Spider veins are generally harmless and do not pose any health concerns; forming from a variety of causes from pregnancy, age, body weight, hormone imbalance, family history of them, or previous blood clotting and vein damage. Many people experience this condition, about 79% of adult males and 88% of adult females making up approximately 50-75% of the population worldwide.

If you find that the veins hurt, possibly causing swelling, itchiness, or bleeding then you may have varicose veins. Varicose veins seem alike to spider veins but are larger and deeper, even appearing lumpy or twisted. They would also appear as a blue or skin tone colour. A much stronger treatment is needed for varicose veins so we recommend against our procedure for such a condition.

Overview of our procedure

Here at LuxBright Medica, our licensed chiropodists can help treat your spider veins in a painless and fast way, we are a specialized spider veins removal clinic. Our clinic uses the latest in laser technology, our WOLF laser machines are very versatile outperforming most other units and has a very high power level.

Our laser treatment directly hits the target areas closing off the weakened veins letting them naturally fade away within a period of weeks. Most veins will only require one or two treatments. A common concern might be if the treatment has any adverse effects but actually when the treatment closes down these damaged veins it opens up pathways to healthier veins helping your circulation. 

What about other treatments?

Other treatments can be more invasive and painful, using a needle to inject into the veins which pose the risk of allergic reactions and requiring you to wear compression stockings after treatment.

Compression stockings can be very difficult to put on and have very specific care and cleaning methods. With our fast laser treatment, you can see the effects swiftly and there are barely any rules for you to follow afterwards or need for recovery time, letting you go back to your life right after treatment.

Are you the right candidate?

How can you know if the treatment is right for you? Our laser removal technique is recommended for people who:

  • Are not currently pregnant
  • Have worries about an allergic reaction to a needle-based treatment
  • Have small spider veins needle treatments can’t reach
  • Do not have a history of clotting disorders
  • Cannot use compression stockings
  • Need relatively fast results and fast recovery
  • Do not have a personal or family history of skin cancer

But will they come back?

After treatment the target veins are completely killed off but later you may find new ones developing, so we recommend following a few actions to help in preventing them from developing again:

  • Staying out of the sun and wearing sunscreen outside
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Staying mobile; walking after sitting for long periods of time, and resting your legs if standing for a long period of time as well 
  • Avoid tight clothing
  • Elevate the legs
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Avoid overuse of hot tubs and saunas
  • Limit alcohol consumption


Our services have helped countless people restore their skin and feel youthful again. With our procedure, you can go out again wearing shorts and skirts with no worries. Please set up a consultation with one of our licensed chiropodists to see if our procedure is right for you!

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