Hot towel facial


Men’s hot towel facial

One of the most relaxing parts of a spa facial occurs when a hot, moist towel is carefully draped over the face and left for several minutes. This practice, first used by barbers to prepare facial hair for the subsequent shaving ritual, was integrated into many spa facials as an alternative to steam. The mixture of heat and moisture provides an almost decadent sense of relaxation while loosening dead skin cells and dirt from the skin’s surface.

Tailored to the specific needs of men’s skin. This decongesting deep pore cleansing treatment includes extractions and a multivitamin and anti-aging mask, while countering the effects of the sun and other damaging elements. This grooming treatment leaves skin feeling smoother and firmer.

The hot towel organic Phyt's facial for men it is a great treatment that helps remove pore congestion and helps soothing shaving rash.This facial will flushes out toxins and leaves the skin glowing and youthful glowing.

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