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Hemoscaning- Live Blood Cell Analysis

Hemoscaning- Live Blood Cell Analysis

Next to water, your blood is an abundant fluid in your body. It’s a life source that circulates throughout the body and replenishes cells. When something is wrong with your body’s cells, this problem often shows up in the blood. A live blood cell analysis is recommended to analyze the physical and chemical factors of your health.
What is Hemoscaning?
Hemoscaning is a medical procedure that involves examining live blood cells under a microscope. We review the shape and colour of the red and white blood cells and plasma. We count the number of cells, analyze the chemical composition and look for other abnormalities. After the test is completed clients can receive images and reports of their cell analyses.

The Benefits of Hemoscaning
Hemoscaning in Vaughan has two main benefits: diagnosis and preventative care. Many patients undergo this test to check for abnormal blood cells that indicate problems such as allergies, bacterial infections, and hormonal imbalances. A blood test shows if there are too few blood cells, too many or if other types of cells are present. A blood test is a preventative tool when taken in the early stages of disease. This test is fast and conveniently available at LuxBright Medica, medical spa in Vaughan.

Good Candidates for Hemoscaning
Good candidates for hemoscaning in Vaughan are people who are concerned about their health. The test works for people of all ages and with all types of health conditions. People who have been feeling negative symptoms lately, such as fever or body aches, may have an underlying health problem. Hemoscaning is an alternative to more invasive tests. Complete a live blood cell analysis in Vaughan without any anesthesia, dangerous radiation or overnight stays.

There are countless diseases that affect the blood in your body. The signs of these diseases often show up in your blood test results. If you want to remain as healthy as possible, or you’re worried about a few, unsettling symptoms, it’s time to consider getting a live blood cell analysis in Vaughan. Visit LuxBright Medica, medical spa in Vaughan, today. Contact us to book an appointment!

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