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Hair Loss Treatment


Hair shedding is serious medical problem any person can face. Usually about 40% females experience it. We have to take into our consideration the definite reasons resulting in hair loss.

Here are some of them:

  • Environmental problems
  • Emotional stresses and physical strength overstrains
  • Endocrynological system diseases
  • Immune disturbances
  • Unwanted side effects as a results of some drug's
  • Fluctuations in hormones blood levels
  • Scalp skin diseases, for example, seborrhea

The reasons mentioned above often result in hair thinning, accompanied by consequent hair shedding. They may even lead to wide-spread baldness.

Modern medical cosmetology can offer a successful solution to this serious problem. For example, there is a unique innovative drug by the name of MESO-GENESIS developed for clinical applications. This drug stimulates the hair bulbs, removes toxins from these bulbs, stops hair shedding, activates a normal hair growing process, and revitalizes the hair's natural beauty.

Clinical application example:

Female, 45 years old, was diagnosed with so-called man-type baldness located fore part & temporal zones. Patient has had unsuccessful treatments to fix the issue for over 10 years, leading her to constantly cover her head. For this patient, we offered 3-6 procedures between intervals of 7 – 10 days.

Our treatment resulted in complete hair restoration by the 2nd procedure. The patient had being advised to complete the treatment course to the 3rd session, and she undergone an additional 2 procedures!! We concluded together with patient that there is no need to perform the 6th. Currently, she is extremely happy and demonstrates her luscious hair to everyone.

Her husband being undergone the single procedure, received an excellent result as well.

These drug clinical applications are the following:

  • Hair shedding – Alopecia treatment
  • Hair shedding prophylaxis
  • Thin, brittle, colourless and artificially coloured hair treatment
  • Hair bulbs nutrition process stimulation
  • Hair fat releasing process normalization
  • Hair bulbs blood microcirculation restoration

To any person feeling uncomfortable with hair loss, we are looking forward to greeting you in our clinic and helping you solve this problem. Your hair would be strengthened & finally looking thick & beautiful.

We wish you the best of luck and health!

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