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Getting Your First Wax? Start With The Best Full-Body Wax Clinic In Maple!

Getting Your First Wax? Start With The Best Full-Body Wax Clinic In Maple!

Do you want smooth skin that lasts you for weeks? Start with waxing! It’s an effective and quick way of keeping your skin clear and safely getting rid of unwanted body hair. 

At LuxBright Medica, we operate as a full body wax clinic and waxing spa to elevate your natural beauty and inspire hope, good health, and an ideal life. Our team of highly qualified professionals is dedicated to helping everyone achieve longevity and resilience towards a happy lifestyle. During your visit, we’ll provide you with the highest quality services and care in a welcoming environment.

Contact LuxBright Medica today to book your first waxing appointment today. We encourage you to ask us about our other beauty, massage, and aesthetic services as well. If you’re still unsure of the waxing process, here are some things you can expect. 

What Does A Full Body Wax Include?

A full-body wax is a semi-permanent method of hair removal, wherein wax is applied on the skin and the professional pulls the hair out of the root. The process usually begins by heating up special wax, then using a tool to spread it across the desired areas of hair removal. Afterwards, they leave the wax to cool before peeling it off or pressing a fabric strip down on top of the applied area. The wax that sticks to the hairs rips away hair follicles on the targeted skin, preventing more follicles from growing for around 2-8 weeks. 

Full-body waxes can include a bikini wax, Brazilian, arm/leg, upper lip or eyebrow, stomach, and back. Each salon or medical spa operates its full-body wax processes differently and our team will take into account any of your considerations or special needs. Additionally, male and female full-body waxes are different and should be considered before going through the procedure. For example, men may want a simple manzillian or waxing in the chest, stomach, or back area for their full-body waxing needs. This naturally leads to preparations that need to be made before you undergo a full-body wax. 

How Do You Prepare For A Full Body Wax?

When you undergo a full-body wax, you may be given an opportunity for germs to invade the opened hair follicles on your skin. While the process removes dry, dead skin cells on the surface, it may also leave it vulnerable to irritation, infections, abrasions, and burns (in the worst-case scenario). That being said, if the right preparations and aftercare processes are taken, you should be able to avoid or carefully manage these effects after your full-body waxing. 

First, cut any long hair on your skin if necessary. Hair needs to be at least a quarter-inch in length before being waxed off, with longer skin hair making the process more complicated and painful. Trim any extra hair to three-quarters of an inch and use a personal grooming tool such as a trimmer or scissors. 

Next, exfoliate a day or two before you wax and around 24-hours after you undergo the wax. Gently exfoliate your skin with a mild scrub, brush, or loofah to remove any dead skin cells around your hair follicles. This can help loosen any existing ingrown hairs and improves the results of your full-body waxing. Be gentle during exfoliation because you may irritate the skin. Continued exfoliation in-between waxings can help prevent more ingrown hairs from popping up and keep your skin smooth. Feel free to use your favourite aftercare skin product. 

Additionally, cleanse your skin as best as you can. Freshly washed skin is ideal for your first waxing session. Scrub your skin with soap to remove any germs, sweat, oil, makeup, dirt, and any other residue. By removing excess grime, you limit the spread of getting infected bumps on your skin, as well as sticky hair or oily skin. 

Lastly, keep your skin dry before going through with the waxing. Keep the waxed area dry with a clean towel and add a little powder to soak up moisture if you’re sweating from the heat or humidity. This will help protect the skin when the wax pulls off the hair. The preparations you take before the waxing should also be considered in your aftercare. 

What Are Some Tips For Aftercare?

Around 24-hours after the waxing process, there are a few tips to follow for your aftercare. This extends to avoiding activities such as hot showers and baths, steam rooms, sunbeds, exercise, swimming, and applying deodorants. You should also avoid touching the waxed area too much and wearing tight clothing that can make you uncomfortable. 

You should also clean and remove any leftover wax that may be leftover and apply antiseptic cream or moisturizer to fight off bacteria. Exfoliate with a dry brush afterwards and allow the area to heal properly. 

It takes around four treatments in total to get optimal results, but a wax every 4-6 weeks can help you achieve the best results. Contact LuxBright Medica today to book an appointment with our amazing team. Talk with our staff now to learn more about the full-body waxing process and if it’s the right treatment for you. 

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