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Getting your first Brazilian wax? Trust our waxing spa clinic to give you the best experience!

Getting your first Brazilian wax? Trust our waxing spa clinic to give you the best experience!

Summer is here, which means the (tremendously) speedy hair regrowth down there is creeping up and the craving for Brazilian waxes are back! Of course, the hair around our vagina is normal, so do whatever your heart desires to make you feel most comfortable and confident. If, however, this includes a clean and bare cooch, our waxing spa clinic has exactly what you need 😉

At LuxBright Medica, our team is well trained and skilled to make your waxing or laser hair removal sessions as seamless as possible. We know that these processes are intimidating for first-time and regular clients, so we strive to make sure that whatever you need to feel comfortable is given to you. 

“We’re a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to helping people of all ages and stages achieve longevity and resiliency so they can live their best lives. You can expect the highest standard of care and service in a welcoming and caring environment.”

What should I know before getting waxed for the first time?

Don’t be scared, be prepared! To make the most of your waxing experience and as pain-free as possible, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into – get ready for some preparation tips!

  • Trim until ¼ of hair before your wax, don’t shave before! 

This leaves the perfect length for the wax to grip onto the hairs and give that clean look!

  • Shower before or use baby wipes prior to your appointment

Ensuring that the area you want to be waxed is clean helps you become more mindful of your waxer and makes the process easier for both parties!

  • Wear comfy clothes!

Trust us; you’ll want to.

  • Do not lotion or apply oils right before

Lotioning right before your appointment can cause the wax to lose grip on parts of the hair, so lotioning the day before may be a better alternative!

Getting waxed for the first time is exciting, and although it may be unnerving for many, these tips can thoroughly help you release the tension!

Our experienced team is more than eager to hear what they can do to make your experience relaxing and stress-free. We can answer any questions you may have to comfort you throughout the process.

Does a Brazilian wax hurt?

Like any waxes, there will be pain involved, but it may not be as bad as one might think. Everyone has different pain tolerances, so it’ll be a good idea to consider any previous waxing or piercing experiences you may have had to compare to get a slight idea of how it may feel! 

Also, feel free to ask one of our licensed estheticians for any waxing tips or insights – they’ll be happy to help!

Yes, a Brazilian may hurt, but you won’t be thinking about that once you go out to the beach in your bathing suit with your clean wax!

What is the aftercare for a Brazilian wax?

Wax, we want you to last! After-care is essential when taking care of your post-waxed area down there; it helps you maintain the smoothness and lessen the chances of ingrown hairs. Ready? Say hello to smooth skin with these upcoming tips!

  • Stay away from direct sunlight

We know you want to go straight to the beach and sun-tan, but it might be best to hold 

off on that for the next 48 hours. Because of the wax, your skin is more delicate and 

ultimately more likely to be exposed to hyperpigmentation. Don’t worry; your hair won’t

completely grow in a few days!

  • Breathe skin, breathe!

Try to wear comfy sweats or pants for the next 48 hours after your wax! Doing so can 

decrease the chances of ingrown hairs or breakouts 🙂

  • Take a shower and moisturize! 

Shower, and then moisturize! By taking a quick 15 to 20-minute shower and then 

immediately moisturizing, you can lock in the product and help you feel softer!

After-care is important. It’ll retain the results of your wax and help you feel at your absolute best! A Brazilian wax is typically done every 3 to 6 weeks, so come in whenever you feel you want a touch-up.

Ready for your Brazilian? Have any questions? Call for a booking!

Brazilians may seem scary the first few times, but you’ll be a pro before you know it. Our team at LuxBright Medica can’t wait to help you feel your utmost confident self, so hello summer and goodbye hair!

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