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Get a Hair-Free Beach Bod This Summer With Waxing | Full Body Wax Clinic Vaughan

Get a Hair-Free Beach Bod This Summer With Waxing | Full Body Wax Clinic Vaughan

Summer is in full swing and many people are eyeing their body hair and thinking of how to remove it to get ready for the beach and pool. There are many options out there from shaving, waxing, creams, or even lasers but each has its own techniques and effectiveness. Waxing has some advantages over these and with a professional team helping you the benefits don’t stop. LuxBright Medica is a full body wax clinic in Vaughan, providing you with any body part you want from legs, arms, back, to eyebrow waxing services all in Maple.


What Is Waxing?

Waxing is a way to leave you completely hair-free and worry-free, waxing services don’t miss any spot making sure you are fully confident.  Waxing uses strips of wax to remove your hair, grabbing onto the follicles and getting them out at the root, unlike services like shaving or creams while just cuts them down to the root, waxing goes deeper to let you stay smoother longer. A perfect option for people who grow back their hair quickly or will be out on vacation for a while, letting you forget about worrying in your hair is coming in already.

Waxing works fully to your preference, so if you want some hair left behind to have a more natural feel while still having that clean smooth waxed body elsewhere that is easily accessible.  Waxing services let you walk in without any effort, no need to trim or shave before coming in, the more hair you have the easier it is to actually grab onto the hair and get it out.


The Benefits of Waxing

Not only does it get your hair at the root but waxing also exfoliates at the same time, fully bringing out that soft and silky smooth you feel after hair removal to the max! You won’t have to worry about stubble coming up later on in the day or tomorrow and having to remove your hair all over again, waxing gets to the root to make sure your hair stays down for much longer. 

Another benefit is that hair can actually come back in much sparser than before after your wax. Getting your hair at the root ensures it grows back thinner and sparser, letting the concerns of shaving and it actually grow back thicker leave your mind completely.  

You can trust a waxing treatment to give you:

  1. Thinner and fewer hair regrowth afterwards
  2. Longer downtime before you need maintenance again
  3. Exfoliating effects
  4. Boosted confidence
  5. Excellent comfort
  6. Smoother skin


What About Waxing At Home?

Waxing can be a delicate procedure, and especially with more hard to reach places, can go wrong and actually be much less effective and cause you more unnecessary pain. Working with professionals you will get the full experience of a comfortable session and expert treatment. Going to an expert will help you get a better, safer, less painful, and faster results than attempting it at home. Waxing form home can lead to ingrown hairs, missed spots and strips or hair left over, and even infections without the proper care and attention


Give Yourself The Summer You Deserve! Turn to a Professional Waxing Clinic in Maple

Get that summer-ready smooth skin and erase all your body hairs worries with a waxing treatment today! LuxBright Medica provides waxing services for anywhere you could want hair removal and more giving you full body waxing options. We have special deals for waxing you wouldn’t want to miss out on like our special promotion for front-line workers that give you 20% off all waxing services! Call us today to get started and begin your summer!

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