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EMSGym – Muscles Building and Toning Machine

EMSGym – Muscles Building and Toning Machine

How it Works

The EMSGym uses High Energy Focused Electromagnetic Waves to expand and contract the muscles, mimicking the process of working out. The electromagnetic waves interact with motor neurons to trigger the process. The technology promotes muscle growth by producing new protein chains and muscle fibers. This reshapes the muscle structure to be more uniform, and increases its volume and density. Aside from muscle growth and shaping, the EMSGym promotes fat decomposition. The quick muscle contractions require a lot of energy, which the muscle absorbs by consuming surrounding fat. As the fat breaks down, it also gets excreted through the body’s metabolism. The body becomes more defined and toned, and no damage is caused to the surrounding joints and bones. There is also a cooling system installed to prevent the overheating of the machine.

Duration and Treatment Protocol

The duration of one treatment is 30 minutes. During his time the muscle contracts approximately 20,000
times. Treatments should be performed between 2-3 times per week. A minimum of 6 sessions is
recommended for best results.

Treatment Step
The EMSGym is built to stimulate the process of a full workout.
Throughout the treatment the frequency adjusts to mimic:

  • 1 minute stretch
  • 5 minute warm up
  • 1st 5 minute workout
  • 2nd 5 minute workout
  • 3rd 5 minute workout
  • 4th 5 minute workout
  • 4 minute cool down

Operating System and Modes
The EMSGym has 5 modes, each suited for a specific purpose:

Muscle Gaining Mode: Training mode for strengthening and growing the muscles
Fat Reduction Mode: Mimics high Intensity Interval Training for fat reduction
Physiotherapy Mode: Enhances blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, relieves muscle soreness and
Massage Mode: Stretches the muscles to relieve pain

Relaxation: Relaxes the muscles in order to maintain good function

Projected Results
Depending on the person, 4 sessions should generally achieve a 15-20% decrease in fat for the area being performed, as well as 15.4% increase in muscle thickness.

Not Recommended For People With:

  • Patients with pacemakers
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Patients with a history of heart attack, stroak, or weakened heart
  • Patients with implants
  • Patients with history of brain damage or surgery


  • Patients should eat at least one hour before the treatment
  • Make sure no metal is touching the machine or treatment site
  •  Make sure the treatment site is dry
  • The machine should not be used on one patient for more than 1.5 hours, and a maximum of one
    hour is allowed for each treatment site.
  • No electronic products can be on the machine during treatment
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