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Custom-made Orthotics


Foot Orthotics is an orthopaedic device designed to support, relieve pressure, correct deformity, and improve the function of the foot. The structural make up of every individual is very different, and custom made orthotics here at LuxBright Medica are made to fit to your specific foot shape. Our foot specialist will perform a biomechanical assessment to determine what type of orthotic is suited to accommodate and correct an abnormal foot function.

To be optimally effective in the treatment of common foot pathologies, a custom-made orthotic appropriately selected by a chiropodist will assure proper results.

Types of Orthotics Offered at our Clinic


  • 2mm shell.
  • A thin and narrow orthotic made for dress shoes.
  • Vinyl top-cover as standard.

High Heel:

  • 2mm shell.
  • Made specifically for ladies heeled dress shoes.
  • Vinyl top-cover as standard.


  • 2mm Proflex shell.
  • An accommodative orthotic with a more flexible shell.
  • Vinyl top-cover as standard.


  • 2mm Proflex shell.
  • Suitable for Diabetic and Arthritis patients.
  • Flesh Plastazote top cover standard.


  • 3mm semi-rigid shell.
  • Designed for use inside sport or casual shoes.
  • Increased control.
  • Vinyl top-cover.

Children's Pediatric:

  • 3mm shell with a deeper heel and higher lateral/medial walls.
  • Microcell top-cover.
  • Induce In-Toe.
  • Induce Out-Toe.


  • 2mm Proflex shell.
  • Designed for work boots/ safety shoes.
  • ETC top cover standard.

EVA Soft Diabetic:

  • A soft shell orthotic suitable for Diabetic and Arthritis patients.
  • Flesh Plastazote top cover.


  • 4mm shell provides longitudinal arch support for a greater degree of mechanical support.
  • Vinyl top-cover.


1Why should I pay for custom made foot orthoses (insoles) when I can buy them ready-made at the drug store?
Custom made foot orthotics are made specifically for an individual based on the unique medical and biomechanical requirements of the person. The ready-made insoles that are found at many different stores are made to fit everyone and are sized according to shoe size. They do not take into consideration the different foot shapes and anatomy, but are made to try and fit everyone. In some cases the ready-made insoles work well and serve an important purpose. For many people however, the unique issues that are creating problems can only be solved by a pair of custom made foot orthotics. Schedule an appointment with us and we can assess your individual needs and make a recommendation that is right for you - sometimes that recommendation includes ready-made insoles or sometimes custom made foot orthotics but sometimes no intervention at all!
2Who needs a foot orthotics?
If required, all ages can benefit from a foot orthotic. From discomfort in the foot to severe problems such as diabetic foot ulcers, a foot orthotic can help a wide range of patients. A detailed assessment from our footwear and orthotic experts will determine what best fits your orthopedic needs.
3Do foot orthotics (insoles) hurt when you first use them?
No. The foot orthotics should not create new pain or aggravate existing pain. There is always a break-in, or transition period for anything that one puts on their body to restrain movement, however, there should be NO PAIN associated with this transition period, only an unfamiliar and therefore, for some, an uncomfortable new feeling to get used to. The mind is an amazing tool and helps us to quickly adapt to new things, this transition period should only last for a few days.

Interested in custom-made orthotics?

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