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Compression stockings


Compression stockings are leg garments that are specially-designed to relieve and protect from various leg conditions, most of which deal with poor vasculature and circulation. Varicose veins and spider veins, swelling, even tired legs and cold feet – all of these may be healed through the right compression stockings. Comfortable and easy, you’ll love our array of high quality compression stockings that are sure to revitalize your legs. Visit our clinic to learn more about compression stockings and get the pair that is right for you.

Why you, too, could be affected:

On the one hand venous disorders increase with age. On the other hand, our way of life plays a significant role.

Common causes of venous disorders are:

  • Hereditary weakness of the connective tissue
  • Hormonal effects such as the pill or pregnancy
  • Being overweight
  • Too little physical exercise
  • Regular prolonged sitting and standing
  • Nicotine and alcohol consumption
  • Lifting and carrying excessively heavy loads
  • Tight clothing
  • Hot baths and lengthy sunbathing sessions in summer

Through targeted pressure on the legs, compression stockings give relief to the damaged vein and lymph systems by supporting the vascular and lymphatic reflux.

Beware of the first signs:

If you notice any of these early warning signals you should ask your doctor for advice.

  • Tired, heavy or swollen legs
  • Sensation of heat in your legs
  • Tingling, cramp of feeling of tension
  • Dragging pain in the calf
  • Swollen ankles
  • Rupture of small veins immediately below the skin of the calf or thigh

What happens?

The venous cusps in the leg veins act like valves and allow the blood to flow upwards to the heart.

Healthy venous valves prevent the congestion of blood that is low in oxygen.

However, overloaded veins dilate. The valve cusps can no longer close. Congestion develops.

You can count on medical compression therapy:

The principle is as simple as it is brilliant. If the veins lose their elasticity and vigour, the required pressure must be exerted from the outside. However, precisely the right pressure must be applied at precisely the right place. And this is exactly what happens with VENOSAN & SIGVARIS.

Three different compression classes with different pressures are available for therapy with VENOSAN & SIGVARIS.

Light Compression:

For preventing tired and heavy legs after standing for long periods. During pregnancy.

Moderate Compression:

For pronounced varicose veins, swollen legs, after venous inflammation, after sclerosis or an operation, for existing varicose veins during pregnancy

Strong Compression:

After deep vein thrombosis, constantly swollen legs, after venous ulcers.

The pressure gradient of the stocking along the leg varies. The ankle and calf are furthest from the heart and thus need the most support with the return transport of blood. The pressure exerted by the compression stocking stocking is the highest here, and it deceases towards the top of the leg.

The travel itinerary for your veins:

  • Stretch your legs every 2 hours on long car journeys
  • In aircraft take your shoes off and walk up and down the aisle doing foot exercises
  • Relieve the pressure on the back of your thighs with a footrest
  • Wear VENOSAN compression or support stockings or VENOSAN JETLEGS Travel Socks
  • Take any medicine your doctor may have prescribed to thin your blood

Wearing support stockings makes travelling more fun. On the plane, in the car or on the train – JETLEGS are your ideal travel companion.


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