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Benefits of Massage Therapy (RMT) For Pain Treatment | Physiotherapy for Pain Relief in Maple, Vaughan

Benefits of Massage Therapy (RMT) For Pain Treatment | Physiotherapy for Pain Relief in Maple, Vaughan

Massages certainly are not unknown to the general public, but many of their benefits are still overlooked or unknown to many people out there. Especially the benefits of going to a professional RMT or registered massage therapist. Massages don’t just work on relaxing muscles but can provide a lot of other benefits for your body circulation and more.

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RMT Benefits for Your Nervous System and Muscle Pain 

Everyone knows massages help your muscles but seem to forget everything related to and around your muscles; the connective tissues, body’s lymphatic network, and nervous system. Muscles can become tense, tight and sore because of an over-stimulated pathway in the nervous system that runs between the specific muscle fibres and your brain. Relief can come from using muscle spindle fibres and Golgi tendon organs, which are microscopic sensory organs that hide out in different parts of the muscle and work with the associated muscles nervous reflexes.

Claire Gavin who is an RMT based in Toronto has stated that massages help to reduce pain and ease muscle stiffness that can come from arthritis because a proper massage can improve circulation and thus reduce inflammation. With improved circulation, this also benefits blood flow to any arthritic joints, a better range of movement, and reduced pain. This then creates almost cyclical healing, letting people more confidently use their joints without pain which stops the soreness from disuse.


Massage Therapy Can Also Help a Range of Different Injuries

Many of the injuries massage therapists are seen about relate to the previous point of helping muscle strains but there are more than just those conditions RMT can help with. This can include conditions that have whiplash as a symptom such as car accidents, and conditions that cause sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction affects where your lower spine and pelvis connect and can be caused by injury, arthritis, infection, or even pregnancy. 


Massages for Your Back and Desk Job

This is one thing sadly many adults can relate to, a bad back. For many people their job means they sit at a desk for 8 hours or more and it’s almost too easy to slump down and our posture wains. This, especially on a consistent basis, can lead to an unsupportive and weak core, discomfort, and pain in your back.

A back massage from a friend may feel great but generally are not as lasting and effective as a proper RMT one. By focusing deeper and more specifically in certain areas like releasing tight anterior chest muscles with proper massage therapy you can have a much more significantly improved condition.


RMT Can Even Help with Headaches

Even though it’s generally not many people’s first pick for migraines, tension or cluster headaches, a proper massage with expert hands behind it can significantly reduce or eliminate headaches entirely. These symptoms can typically be alleviated within just a few sessions. It’s not uncommon where tension is being held at your skull’s base and has been forcing compression down along the spine. With this, if it’s not looked after the tissue in this area can be irritated and compress neurovascular bundles that interact directly with the brain, and cause chronic headaches.


Take Advantage Of RMT for Yourself? Turn to a Trusted RMT Massage Clinic Today.

Don’t hesitate to finally get rid of your back pain, chronic headaches, and other strenuous symptoms by coming to see a professional for an RMT massage today! LuxBright Medica is prepared to give you our best and have you feeling satisfied and refreshed after each session.

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